Venue Hire Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for hire of Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC) spaces.


Thank you for choosing to hire a CNLC space. CNLC aims to offer a welcoming, vibrant, inclusive, environmentally friendly, accessible, comfortable, and affordable environment.
CNLC is committed to providing fair and equitable access for community members to use our spaces when they are not being used for CNLC programs. Hiring fees will be kept to a minimum, while reflecting reasonable operational costs for the centre.
All venue hirers are required to meet the Terms and Conditions of Hire. This ensures all hirers, facilitators, and guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. You will be required to agree to comply with the T&C’s when submitting a Venue Hire Application.

COVID-19 Conditions of Hire

  • The Hirer agrees to take all practical steps to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. These can be found at Protect yourself and others | Coronavirus Victoria
  • The hirer voluntarily assumes all risks and responsibilities related to potential exposure to COVID-19 and agrees not to hold CNLC liable for any adverse health outcomes or fines incurred due to their failure to comply with current government regulations.

Payment for hire of facilities

One-off and Casual Venue Hire Bookings
Once the booking application has been approved, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the hirer. Booking is confirmed when full payment is made and CNLC staff contact you to approve the booking.

Recurring/permanent bookings
Invoicing can be generated by our account for tax purposes if needed. Hirers will be required to provide us with a copy of their Public Liability Certificate of Currency prior to approval of the booking. If the activity that the hirer is running involves children, a copy of the facilitator(s) Working with Children Check will be required with the application.

The hirer will be required to pay a $20 bond for loan of the house key.
Any additional bond required will be at the discretion of CNLC in consideration of the activity.
The bond will be refunded within 7 days from completion of the hire, provided the hirer has complied with all aspects of the Terms and Conditions.
The bond may be retained by CNLC to cover the costs of the following:
• Damage to the building or equipment
• Loss of or no return of keys
• Additional cleaning of the facility
• Access to the facility outside of the booking period
• Any other cost incurred due to a breach of hire conditions
• Unnecessary call-out of CNLC staff
Should the costs incurred by CNLC exceed the bond amount, the hirer shall be invoiced for all additional

Responsibilities as Venue Hirer:

  1. Ensure premises are used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions
  2. Supervision of children: the hirer agrees that children are to be supervised at all times and are the
    responsibility of the hirer
  3. CNLC will charge for any theft or damages towards equipment, or extra cleaning if necessary. Hirer must agree
    to pay the damages/theft/extra cleaning costs.
  4. The hirer is required to monitor all participants and ensure they behave in a respectful manner towards the
    building, its contents, and the community garden areas.
  5. Fines: Any police presence during the event is the responsibility of the hirer. CNLC is not responsible for any
    fines issued during the event, payment is to be paid by the hirer and/or their guests
  6. Use of alcohol or illicit drugs is not permitted in the buildings or on the property.
  7. The hirer must take up any queries or concerns with the Executive Officer
  8. Confetti is not permitted to be thrown in or around the hired area
  9. A $50 cancellation fee will apply in the event of cancellation less than 2 weeks from your booking date. 
  10. Any accidents occurring as a result of our negligence is covered by CNLC’s Public Liability Insurance.  However, accidents that occur as a result of a hirer’s negligence will not be covered by our insurance policy.


  1. Lock the rooms that you utilise on exiting.
  2. Lock the house screen and main doors front and back.
  3. Switch on the centre’s alarm system (N/A unless main house has been accessed)
  4. Close the gates and lock the padlocks on the outside gates.
  5. In the event of a break-in or other crime occurring please contact the police if possible, and inform the Executive Officer

On Departure

  1. Inspect the rooms used and ensure they are cleaned and left tidy.
  2. If furniture has been moved, please replace into the original position.
  3. Clean whiteboard.
  4. Vacuum floor (one-off venue hirers only)
  5. Turn off heaters, fans, or air conditioning.
  6. Close and lock all windows and close any blinds.
  7. Turn off all lights. Please note: The outside security lights are switched on by a timer.
  8. Place any used cups or dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on
  9. Turn off the urn in the kitchen at the power point.
  10. Clean the kitchen and put all rubbish away in the appropriate