Make it Work

Make It Work - Melbourne - migrants/refugees job opportunities
Make It Work - Melbourne - refugees job opportunities
Make It Work - Carlton  - migrants/refugees job opportunities


Make It Work is a local service that partners with businesses and migrants/refugees to create job opportunities in the City of Yarra and City of Melbourne. We address barriers to employment faced by the refugee and migrant community and help local businesses reflect their diverse community in their workforce.

Contact Make it Work by emailing us or phone 0419 133 317. Get assistance with looking for work, enrolling in a course, creating a resume, practicing for interviews, developing your goals, or other support in your employment pathway.

Make It Work helps the diverse community of Carlton, where 63% of residents are born overseas and 65% speak a language other than English at home. We address high unemployment and discrimination, and have a track record of 72% employment placement for clients, with 92% reporting satisfaction with their experience.

Our Goal: To bridge the pathways to meaningful work for Carlton’s refugee and migrant community through real local opportunities.

Our Vision: Our goal is to measurably and sustainably change the lives of our community members, assisting individuals in to work experience, further education and ultimately employment. Our experience is that this individual support benefits the whole community as they help others into employment, supporting their families and communities with more confidence.

Our Principles:

  • Local work for local people
  • Focusing on industries with upward mobility pathways
  • Working with community, not just individuals
  • Working on a targeted local scale to enable personalised support with employers and the community
  • Co-creating education, training and employment pathways

What clients say

“Job networks make me crazy…They waste my time. If I come to Make it Work they give advice to help me. Why I came here. I know you and I trust you. If you go somewhere else they don’t help with solutions”.

After getting a job with Make it Work’s help Nima says that her work makes her “feel strong and happy.” She is so happy to be working finally that she tells everyone in her community about Open Door and Make it Work. 

Mahir Ibrahim, a Make it Work client, commenced a full-time job in September 2022 as a Construction Estimator for ARC3. Mahir said he is enjoying his work and is very busy doing and learning new things. 
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