Learn Local courses are costed on a standard rate. In 2023 all Learn Local courses carry the same unit cost of $25 concession and $35 non-concession per term ($50 concession/$70 non-concession per semester). Victorian government-subsidised training places are available in our EAL courses according to a number of eligibility criteria. See the course overview page.

Community Leadership

This course will engage people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to assist their own communities. This includes understanding training and employment pathways, finding ways to be involved in school parent groups and residents’ groups, and understand community services structures.

Topics covered will include volunteering, basic event management skills, managing conflict and understanding basic governance and committee processes.

Time: 12.45pm – 3pm
Days: Thursdays, 5 October – 7 December 2023
Venue: 20 Princes Street, Carlton North

Sewing pathways

This course will help you learn to sew while developing workplace language skills with guest speakers and excursions to local markets and Social Studio.

The course introduces the industry of textile and clothing production. You will cover machine sewing, using an overlocker, patternmaking and learning how to make pockets, waistbands and zips all while developing workplace language skills.

Work health and safety will also be included.

Time: 10am – 1pm
Days: Wednesdays, Semester 1; 1 February to 23 June / Semester 2; 12 July to 13 December
Venue: Open Door, 480 Lygon Street, Carlton

Food Pathways

Learn safe food handling, knife skills and how to cook new recipes. This course will build language skills for working in the hospitality sector.

Learners share their own recipes to learn about nutrition, food preparation and cooking.

Suitable for learners with post beginner language skills.

Time: 9.30am – 12pm
Days: Thursdays, 5 October to 7 December 2023
Venue: Carlton Primary School, 150 Palmerston Street, Carlton

Literacy Through Project Based Learning

This is a great course for those wanting to develop literacy skills through projects. Learners will identify an issue, research and investigate, then report findings while developing literacy in each session.

You will improve spelling, reading and writing while learning about sustainability and recycling across CNLC, understanding the place of First Nations people and how we exist together on Wurundjeri land.

The Carlton Harmony Day event will be a focus for the class where learners will talk to the local community about the purpose of the event and take part in the program on the day.

This course compliments other EAL courses while building confidence and pleasure in learning and skill development at the same time.

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Days: Tuesdays, Semester 1; 14 February to 20 June / Semester 2; 11 July to 12 December

Venue: 20 Princes Street, Carlton North

Literacy and Digital Skills

Build literacy and digital skills while researching topics of interest.

Improve your spelling, reading, and writing while using laptops to research topics. Use Microsoft Word, Email, Google. Learn how to use online communications and how to stay safe when connecting online.

Time: 9.30am – 12pm
Days: Tuesdays, 10 October to 14 November 2023
Venue: Carlton Primary School, 150 Palmerston Street, Carlton

Computer Basics: Devices and Desktops

This course will help you develop your confidence and extend your understanding of technology and using different devices.

This course will cover: connecting to different devices, using social media, managing smartphones, tablets and iPad, as well as more advanced uses of MS Office and Google applications, plus Excel and PowerPoint.

This course is for learners familiar with Word, use of the internet and email.

Time: 9.30am – 12pm
Days: Wednesdays, 12 July to 13 December 2023
Venue: 20 Princes Street, Carlton North

Digital Skills for the Workplace

This course will increase your chances of getting a job by helping develop skills that are regularly used in workplaces.

Topics include: MS Word, Excel, Point of Sale technology used in retail settings, Google documents and Google sheets, online communications and online skills for small business.

Time: 12.30pm – 3.15pm
Days: Wednesdays, 12 July to 13 December 2023
Venue: 20 Princes Street, Carlton North

Language Skills in Practice

Interested in working in the residential care, in home care, childcare or disability? This course will help you learn about those areas while developing confidence using English.

The course includes reading, writing, speaking and listening in small groups. There will be guest speakers and excursions to community services workplaces.

Build on the skills developed in the Language Skills Workshop from Semester 1. This course is for beginner learners of English, wanting to improve their understanding of community services language and workplaces.

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Days: Fridays, 14 July to 15 December 2023
Venue: 20 Princes Street, Carlton North

Speak with confidence

This conversation class is the perfect course for beginners and people wanting to become more confident in spoken English.

  • Learn practical communication skills.
  • Focus on speaking and listening.
  • Meet and talk to new people.
  • Develop skills to ask and answer questions.
  • Learn skills to give and follow directions.

Time: 10am – 12pm
Days: Mondays, 2 October to 11 December 2023
Venue: 20 Princes Street, Carlton North

Language of Childrens’ Services

This course will focus on the literacy and numeracy needed to work in an Early Childhood Centre with an introduction to the Early Years Learning Framework, routines in the workplace, Duty of Care, understanding policy and procedures.

In this course you will also cover safety in a Childcare setting, health and wellbeing, cultural awareness, relationships and communication and administrative tasks.

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Days: Thursdays, 13 July to 14 December 2023
Venue: 20 Princes Street, Carlton North

Basic Literacy for Work and Study (Tutoring)

Delivered by trained volunteer tutors who are supervised by a coordinator, this course is for learners who face barriers to further study or employment due to low levels of literacy.

Content is tailored to suit the learner and focus on areas of need.

This course is for all levels of learners as a pathway to employment or further study, or to support learners enrolled in vocational courses who need support in returning to study.

Time: Various
Days: Arranged depending on the participant and tutor’s availability
Venue: 20 Princes Street, Carlton North