Compost Hub

Carlton Compost Hub

It’s easy to be part of the CNLC compost hub and reduce your food scraps from going to landfill. Just register your interest and we’ll give you all the information you need. We also sell compost back to the community ($5 per bag) from time to time. Food scraps make up 40% of bin waste going to landfill. Composting reduces harmful methane emissions and protects our environment while addressing climate change pollution.

The contributions from the CNLC compost hub raise funds for activities that are directed and targeted towards members of our CNLC community that are in need.

What can I put in the compost hub?

Want to know what can go in the compost hub? View our compost magnet.

Drop off your food scraps at CNLC’s compost hub anytime and help reduce waste. Meet your neighbours and help the environment.

How can I get involved?

Drop off your food scraps at our 24/7 bin located at Princes and Stations Streets. Register to get access code. Pick up a fridge magnet and sticker for your kerbside bin at our front office. We also sell compost and vegetable seedlings.

How can I get a sticker?

Once you register and get access code to the drop off bins you can pick up a fridge magnet and sticker for your kerbside bin at our front office.

Why compost

Help the environment by composting your food scraps. Reduce waste and enrich soil while also preventing harmful methane emissions. Join us in supporting healthy gardens and addressing climate change pollution.

Buy CNLC Compost

Please click here to order compost online!