Yoga at CNLC

Join us for a special Yoga program

From Saturday 06 April to Saturday 04 May CNLC is partnering with Lululemon to deliver a weekly yoga program, 9am-10.30am.

In addition to yoga, CNLC staff and volunteers will have special treats available for sale each week. See the list below.

Registration is essential as tickets will sell out fast. Click here to register.

100% of proceeds go to fund CNLCs work supporting some of the most disadvantaged members of the community, including migrants and refugees, through free food relief, free community lunches, adult education and support to help the long-term unemployed into work or further education.


Each week there will be fresh produce and compost from the CNLC garden for sale.

Complimentary with the yoga ticket you can blend your own brew of tea using herbs and dried fruit from the CNLC garden. You can also blend your own tea – $10 for a small jar or $15 to add a tea strainer.

6 April – Traditional sweet Ukrainian snack prepared by a CNLC student who is a refugee from Ukraine AND small artworks for sale from people in CNLCs disability arts program.

13 April – Try traditional Eritrean coffee and donuts by Gemia, a CNLC student.

27 April – Taste an arepa from Colombia, prepared by Carlos (a CNLC student) and Alfie. Make damper around the camp fire at CNLC with Georgia (a CNLC volunteer with our recycling hub).

04 May – TBC.