Buy Compost & Garden Produce

You can collect your compost at the back entrance during business hours. Further information is available on signage at the compost hub. For small bunches of flowers – please be considerate about how much you take. For garden produce or eggs – please seek our farmers (Michelle) permission first. Michelle is on site Wednesday and Thursday.

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We have 2 types of compost available:
Normal compost – $5 per bucket
Vegan compost – $7 per bucket.

Put “1” in quantity to order one bucket, “2” to order two buckets etc.
Price: $ 5.00
Price: $ 7.00


Eggs, Flowers & Garden produce:

  • Carton of 6 eggs or Garlic bulbs – $5
  • Pick your own small bunch of flowers – $10
  • Garden produce (with farmers permission) – $10
Price: $ 5.00
Price: $ 10.00
Price: $ 10.00
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