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Here at Make it Work we strive to establish partnerships with local, ethically minded businesses. We aim to connect with those who are in growing industries such as, aged care services; social services; health service industry; economic social and community development; education services; retail trade; healthcare and social assistance; construction; education and training; accommodation and food services; and professional, scientific and technical services. However we have clients with a diversity of skills.

Our partnered businesses and agencies help Make it Work achieve its goals by providing employment, work experience opportunities and mentoring for community clients.

There are many ways to get involved and partner with us to create local job opportunities including…

Parnership opportunities

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  • Help you to find effective and hard-working employees who can enrich your business with their diverse skills, experiences and backgrounds.
  • Continue to work with you and your employees/work experience placements to help make that new relationship smooth, productive and enjoyable.
  • Provide English language and support services to our community clients so they are workforce ready and confident.

Ultimately the aim of this initiative is to connect people with sustainable jobs, and real success would see our marginalised Carlton community as a whole more engaged, networked, financially independent and more confident on how to achieve their life goals. We will work hard to ensure our participants fit right into your organisation and train them to be competent. We take pride in our community and are confident you will feel the same too.

By employing a Make it Work community client, you can help reduce racism, disadvantage and discrimination in your local community by being part of the solution.


Partner with us to enhance your corporate social responsibility whilst supporting your business goals and impacting the community positively. We assure that you will be more relevant to the culturally diverse population you serve, benefit from the hardworking attitude of migrants and refugees, and demonstrate your business as a leader in the local area by your participation in this program.

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