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Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre’s (CNLC) Make It Work initiative has emerged from the 47 year history of CNLC’s work alongside the Carlton community, providing English language and skills for employment, training and education as well as community development and advocacy support.

At Make it Work, we recognise and seek to overcome the multiple challenges that migrants and refugees face in finding decent and fulfilling employment in Australia.

Barriers to employment infographic

  • Lack of local experience is solved by our volunteering and work placement Opportunities
  • Low English language proficiency is solved by vocational language development
  • Lack of overseas qualification recognition is solved by targeting relevant industry/training opportunities and placement
  • Lack of networks is assisted by holding network events between local employers and potential employees as well as connecting to agencies through volunteering, work experience and community involvement
  • Lack of specialised services and support solved through individualised, tailored support, mentoring and guidance.
  • We also offer free personalised support services to clients through our Open Door programs to address complex needs allowing people to focus on their employment opportunities.

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