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Teachers needed in Term 3 2018

  • Accredited EAL - SEE/AMEP/ Level 1 CSWE class Thursdays 930-3. (This class runs 3 days per week Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays.  Planning and assessments are shared with the Tuesday/Friday teacher).    Classification & pay rate (NHACE) Collective agreement 2016. Teacher 2 Schedule 3 Part D (NHACE Collective Agreement 2016) between $44.00& $48.63 depending on increment.
  • Preaccredited EAL 
    • Level 1 “Language Skills Workshop”              Fridays 930-1230
    • Introduction to Sustainability Skills               Thursdays 1-3.30 pm  
    • Cooking Pathways                                       Thursdays  930-1230 
      Classification & pay rate (NHACE) Collective agreement 2016.  Schedule 2 Part D Tutor 2 (Pre-accredited) Pay rate 41.50 per hr. For position description follow this link.

Please send resume and expression of interest to Sarah Deasey Further Education Coordinator

Any queries call Sarah Deasey, on 0401765415 /93472739

Please see our Volunteering page for volunteering opportunities.

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